Think of Hôtel Bourbon as your slightly crazy cousin who can put on a fabulous dinner party. She's got an eclectic group of friends, low lighting, and candles to set the mood.


What's on the menu? Modern American! Think comfort food with a creative edge…fried chicken tenders & waffles, grilled avocado on toasted ciabatta, cow rump tartar, grilled watermelon…and that's just to start. For mains, we've got steaks from Zürcher Oberland and the selection of seasonal grilled veggies are hearty and abundant.


Now to cover the wines. There's bubbles to start, a strong natural and biodynamic offering, some heavy hitting classics, like burgundys & bordeauxs. There's something for everyone.


The food is simple, elegant, and delicious. The wines are flowing, full of depth and character. It’s a party, and you’re the guest of honour.


See you soon at Hôtel Bourbon.


P.S. we’re not a Hotel...but we won’t be mad if you stay over.